Wanda Wasabi was born in May 2020.

Founded by Anne Wolf and Miki Kawai in Berlin.

Anne Wolf, born and grown up in Berlin.
She studied fashion at FHTW. 
She founded her first label in 2005.

Miki Kawai, Japanese, she has studied fashion at
Aichi Bunka Fashion College in Japan,
and moved to Berlin in 2019.


Wanda Wasabi is a slow fashion label with two cultural backgrounds influencing,
creating new
fashion style, as we combine Berlin style and Japanese culture and we
are passionate about 

Wanda Wasabi’s garments are made from vintage hand sewn kimono from Japan.
Every kimono has an unique style and we transform it into new pieces like jackets,
shorts, pants and jumpsuits etc.

We are excited to share our visions
of fashion, design and culture.

Every piece is absolutely unique
and it only exists once.